RIP Lil Peep: Lil Peep, GBC, SoundCloud Rap and Related Stuff

I first discovered…

10 March 2016 – Underground Rising Ep. 3: LiL PEEP Interview (Ft. ITSOKTOCRY & yunggoth)

February 2017 – LIL PEEP x NEDARB x LIL TRACY interview/mini-doc

13 April 2017 – LIL PEEP x MONTREALITY

23 October 2017 – UNMASKED: Gothboiclique

15 November 2017? – Lil Peep and GBC Interview

6 September 2018 – Inside the Highly Strange World of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

18 October 2018 – Lil Peep – Cry Alone (Official Video) is released.

18 October 2018 – Lil Tracy rants about Fat nick Bexey and more on Instagram live feed [full video]

7 November 2018 – Who Shapes the Legacies of Young Dead Rappers?

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