Greek Resources

Philemon Zachariou’s Greek Pronunciation videos


Grammar Terms in English, Latin and Greek

The Great Courses – Greek 101: Learning an Ancient Language (Homeric & NT Greek) –  These 36 half-hour lessons are taught by Professor Hans-Friedrich Mueller of Union College in Schenectady, New York, and cover all of the topics in a typical year of introductory ancient Greek at the college level. I’ve become a believer that Homeric Greek is the best place to start; many of the questions I had regarding NT Greek were quickly answered by the study of Homeric Greek, and Prof. Mueller is a true character as well as a proponent of actually reading Greek. The only downside is that he uses the Erasmian pronunciation.

Eulexis and Eulexis-web – lemmatizer for Ancient Greek texts

The Bridge: Lemmatizer

Nifty Greek Handouts

Σφίγξ Classical Grammar Drill – Greek and Latin

LP Ancient Greek – parsing and vocabulary for Homeric, Classical, and New Testament Greek

Perseus Digital Library and Greek Word Study Tool and Vocabulary Tool Help

Digital Loeb Classical Library

Dickinson College Commentaries – Latin and Greek texts for reading, with explanatory notes, interpretive essays, vocabulary, and multimedia elements. The format has two columns, one with plain text on the left, and another on the right with three tabs for notes, vocabulary, and media. The commentaries are peer-reviewed, citable scholarly resources, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Welcome to Greek Vocab (Classical, New Testament, and Patristic Greek)

Historical and Theological Lexicon of the Septuagint

Beginning NT Greek – “This application contains ten units aimed at helping you get off to a flying start with New Testament Greek. They are designed to be used in conjunction with ‘Elements of NT Greek’ by Jeremy Duff (CUP 2005), to help you begin to learn Greek on your own. You can hear Greek being spoken, practise your reading, and test yourself on vocabulary.” + ParseGreek (not just verbs)

Greek Lexical Parser – Antoniades

The Center for Study and Preservation of the Majority Text

New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room

Center for New Testament Restoration – The Scholarly Bible Portal of the German Bible Society

THGNT at – So far from what I’ve read, this is not a heretical text (which the SBLGNT unfortunately is. See for example John 1:3).


A digital Reader’s Edition of the SBL Greek New Testament – Android app.


SBLGNT Reader + parsing + occurrences + Abbott-Smith + Strong’s + KJV


The Englishman’s Greek Concordance of the New Testament and here via Bible Hub

Free Greek Paradigm Chart

Master Greek – Biblical Greek (Koine Greek) parsing practice for all different parts of speech, not just verbs.

Greek Verb Parsing – Only verbs. Options are for Machen, Voelz, and NA28.

Daily Dose of (New Testament) Greek

Latin Per Diem – Greek

Basic (New Testament) Greek For The Week Email

Monday With Mounce and here

Keep Your Greek: 15 Minutes a Day – Don’t Break the Chain

Noet for Mac

Logos 7 Basic

Verbum 7 Basic

Logos 7 Academic Basic

Logos 7 Fundamentals

Noet – Biblical Greek Research Library

Accordance XII – (Koine) Greek Expert Collection


Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum – Wikipedia: “covers the entire Greek world, although material later than the 8th century A.D. is not included.”

Early Manuscripts Electronic Library

Princeton University Library Digitized Greek Manuscripts

The Sinai Palimpsests Project

Daily Dose of (Modern) Greek

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