Resources For Orthodox Christian Exegesis, Hermeneutics, Textual Criticism, Biblical Studies, and Liturgical Greek

Debate: The Church Fathers vs James White, Bart Erhman & Daniel Wallace Part 1

Debate Part 2: The Church Fathers vs James White, Bart Erhman & Daniel Wallace

Debate Part 3: The Textual Criticism of James White, Bart Erhman and Daniel Wallace

History of the Patriarchal text of the New Testament by Peter A. Papapoutsis

Codex Bezae – University of Cambridge Digital Library

VETUSLATINA.ORG – Resources for the Study of the Old Latin Bible

The Orthodox Center For The Advancement Of Biblical Studies


(SBL Unit on Eastern Orthodox Exegesis) Biblical Exegesis from Eastern Orthodox Perspectives

Patristic Hermeneutics and the Meaning of Tradition – Tad W. Guzie, S.J.

Looking at Critical Scholarship Critically: A Response to Greg Carey – Seraphim Hamilton

Is There an Orthodox Exegesis? – Engaging Contextual Hermeneutics in Orthodox Biblical Studies – Predrag Dragutinović

An Orthodox Hermeneutic – Fr. Stephen Freeman

Liturgical Hermeneutics and the Meaning of Scripture – G.V. Martini

Recent Biblical Hermeneutics in Patristic Perspective: The Tradition of Orthodoxy – Fr. John A. McGuckin

Fr. Sergius Bulgakov (1871-1944): A study in the Eastern Orthodox hermeneutical perspective – Alexander I. Negrov

Reading Scripture – Fr. John Behr – *πρόσωπον & ὑπόστασις

The Path – Strength for the Journey: Daily Scripture Readings and Commentary Inspired by the Saints – Listen to the daily scripture readings and thoughtful commentary with quotes from the Fathers and the lives of the Saints. It’s strength for the journey, heard three times a day or whenever you wish from your computer or portable device. Hosted by Fr. Tom Soroka. These readings do not line up perfectly with the lectionary used in the Greek Orthodox Church in Canada.

Search the Scriptures: Interesting and accessible Bible study for busy people – Presvytera and Dr. Jeannie Constantinou guides us through Holy Scripture with the eyes of the Church Fathers.

No Other Foundation: Reflections on Orthodox Theology and Biblical Studies – Fr. Lawrence Farley offers brief commentary and analysis on topics related to Orthodoxy, theology, morality, the Scriptures, and contemporary culture.

The Mystery of Holy Language – Mystagogy, Friday 20 January 2012