Review: Judaism: A Very Short Introduction

Judaism: A Very Short IntroductionJudaism: A Very Short Introduction by Norman Solomon

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This Very Short Introduction begins well enough, the first two paragraphs even succinctly evince the false presupposition underlying the Protestant religions. However, shortly thereafter anti-Christian vitriolic saturates the narrative. Sadly, all of that vitriolic about Christianity – when it comes to Orthodox Christianity – is mistaken and incorrect and in a future blog post I hope to correct the appropriate places.

As for the rest of this small book, I do not know enough about post-Second Temple Judaism (hence why I read this) to comment, but I must say that I received the impression that Solomon was painting a picture with a Postmodern brush. Pre-Second Temple Judaism is mentioned so briefly that a separate ‘Pre-Second Temple Judaism: A Very Short Introduction’ is truly in order with this present volume renamed appropriately. Then again, I guess that’s what Wikipedia is for.

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