2 thoughts on “The Attire of Priests: Thoughts and Comments on a Contemporary Issue by Fr. Panayiotis Papageorgiou, Ph.D.

  1. Two clarifications: Roman Catholic priests wore cassocks in the old country and adopted the standard
    clergy suit from Protestant clergy in order to blend in when they came to America. Even the so called “Roman collar” was of non Catholic, American origin. Moreover, considered cross dressing, it was illegal for a man to wear a frock and many RC clergy were indeed arrested for wearing cassocks. The US Jesuit cassock was cut noticeably shorter, exposing the pant leg, so as to abide by the local laws.

    Secondly, it is my understanding, but noticeably left out of your article, that the exo-rasson was an imposition by the Moslem Turks on the Orthodox clergy and not part of our original vesture. Why in God’s earth are we still wearing this mantle of oppression after our liberation from our oppressors? Do the Jewish people still wear the the yellow star?


    • I’ve never heard that before, that the exo-rasson was an imposition by the Turks, do you have a book where we can read more about this? The only thing I’ve been told by some is that the kalimafi was imposed by the Turks, but I’ve also been told by others that the kalimafi was not imposed by the Turks.


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